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To whom it may concern:

My family has used Family Care for several domestic staff hires, and we have been very pleased with the staff that was provided to us. Family Care is a reputable employment agency for all domestic personnel.


Irina Rapoport



“Last month I decided to use Family Care who advertise in the newsletter (Fun Stuff). Working with Olga and Katya was an utter joy! I had been looking, in vain, for months for a driver. They had three candidates lined up for me within a week. With their help I now have a driver. He speaks good English and has a new clean car. I couldn't have done it without them. I just thought you might like to know!”

Ashling O'Riordan

“It is my pleasure to recommend Katya and Olga Morozova of Family Care. After our dear housekeeper/kitty care provider of 12 years retired, we needed a replacement, a very difficult task! I contacted Family Care on the recommendation of Barbara Spier. Both Katya and Olga came to our apartment to meet with me, discuss my needs and to present candidates. Svetlana was selected and she has worked out beautifully. Her cleaning standards are very high and we are extremely pleased with the results of her work and our entire apartment shines. We prepared and signed a contract in which all responsibilities were listed. Additional work, such as window cleaning, is extra. Prices for that work were fair, we accepted them, and now our windows are spotless. This mother/daughter team is a terrific example of entrepreneurship and I am happy to be a beneficiary.”

Kim Balaschak, June 2007

“I would like to inform you about an ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT NANNY PROVIDER! The lady's name is Katya. She has great experience in headhunting the best available and suitable nannies, drivers, or housekeepers you eventually need. She's the help in the darkness when we need help in our household, somebody we can fully trust and not change every now and then, for a reasonable amount.”

Gunilla Brorstrom

“We highly recommend Katya and Olga Morozova. When we came to Moscow, we hadn't had any hired help before - and hadn't appreciated we would need any. We have three children - 4, 2 1/2 and 6 months. Katya was excellent at assessing our needs and sympathetic to our lack of experience of employing someone. We wanted a nanny who wouldn't just look after the children but would be able to do housework, run errands and generally be very flexible. Katya and Olga interviewed a number of ladies on our behalf and gave us a few suggestions, offering to bring candidates to visit us if we felt they might be suitable. The first lady we met decided after meeting us that it wouldn't work! - but the second lady we liked straight away, and since her week's trial, she has been working for us for over two months. She is a treasure - a marvelous woman who has extensive experience of working with families. She is willing to do whatever we ask of her and is brilliant with the children. They love her! She speaks basic English which is very helpful for me and the children and I are all learning Russian from her. Katya and Olga cleverly found someone who easily fits into our British family. Not an easy task! Once you find a potential person and have given them a week's trial, if you don'tget on, they are committed to bringing other ladies to see you -continuing the process for as long as it takes. They are veryefficient with the legal aspects of employing someone, too. Wethink that using the Family Care services to find help is well worththe fee - 50% of the first month's wages. So, if you need somehelp - try asking Katya and Olga - we don't think you will bedisappointed.” 

Emily Fisher (and Daniel, Jude, Amy and Angus)

"We would like to share with you our excellent experience working with Katya Morozova and Olga from Family Care. We have just arrived in Moscow and we urgently need a person to take care of our children and our house. A person to become a part of our family as ex-pats it is always much needed. We ask for a person who also could help my children with Russian language as well as someone who could freely accompany our son to Gymnastics.  Katya and Olga took only few days to find a marvelous Irina. My son straight said: I like very much her!!! And since then we are extremely pleased with her. We hardly want to recommend them as they really take care of finding the most appropriate person for any needs."

Marta Simo

"My wife and I were very happy with the excellent service that the familycare team provided us upon our arrival to Moscow. They took care personally of our request, found an excellent Nanny for our son and helped with the paper work. Their service was fast, reliable and at a reasonable cost. Our little boy can warmly recommend familycare to other families."

Kreid Evald


 “I would like to recommend Family Care as an excellent resource in searching for and hiring domestic help.   They provide an excellent service for a reasonable, competitive fee.  

 I contacted Olya and Katya two years ago when I was searching for a nanny.   I discussed with them what I was looking for in a nanny and within three days they provided me with two  resumes.  Each candiate was througly screened and had qualifications above and beyond my expectations.   Olga and Katya assited me with the hiring processes and followed-up afterwards to ensure everything was okay.  In addition, Olga and Katya continued to display their commitment in providing a quality service when I contacted them this year to ask questions about the current rates for dometic help.  They were quick to respond and delighted to answer all my questions.    

Olga and Katya are extremly professional and easy to work with.  I have recommended Family Care as a resouce to several people I know searching for dometic help and will continue to do so in the future.“

 Samantha Volkov



 “To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Katya and Olga

Morozova of Family Care. I have been dealing with them since 2009. We

found a very good nanny for our son Ivan, 3,5. Katya and Olga took only

few days to find Yelena, who became an excellent friend for our kid. I

have no hesitation in recommending the services of Family Care. We will

certainly be callimg on them again as the need arises. Please feel free

to contact me regarding this recommendation if required.”

Veronika  Ivanova




 To whom it may concern:

 “We confirm to have worked with Family Care and Katia in September 2008 to find a nurse for our kids Priam (3 monts) and Apolline (2 years). 

Based on recommendations from Family Care, Lena was selected as a nurse. All the family was very pleased (children and parents).

And our children have developed strong relationships with Lena.

Thanks Family Care for your help.”

Edmond Coche



 “Dear Olga and Katia,

 Thank you very much for introducing me and my family to Tanya. She has worked with us since our arrival in Moscow 18 months ago.

As a well travelled expat, I was very excited and relieved to read your advert because it is so difficult when you arrive in a foreign country to find reliable and trustworthy help (especially when you don't speak the language!).

 When you introduced me to Tanya I was a little apprenhensive because she only spoke russian but she was brilliant, very patient and professional. My 4 children all love her and my russian has greatly improved.

 She is completely reliable (never had a day off sick since we arrived) and trustworthy. She does everything I ask her to do happily and she takes the initiative most of the time, knowing exactly what has to be done.

I am very happy with the service you have provided and think that it very important to find people you can trust with your children.”

 Yours sincerely

 Tracey Campbell



 When we arrived in Moscow in May 2008 we struggled to find household staff. We contacted various agencies but FamilyCare was the only Agency that put any effort into finding staff for our household. Olga and Katya provided us with good temporary, part-time staff whilst - with their help - we "worked our way through" the possible full-time candidates. Our final choice - Tatiana - has (happily) been with our family for more than 3 years. It is always difficult when arriving in a new country, without the necessary language skills and personal contacts, to find staff. Olga and Katya made the process almost painless. Without them it would have been a lot far more drawn out and I doubt whether I would have found a candidate as suitable as Tatiana. 



Claire Leven-Marcon




Four years ago, I faced a problem in finding a new nanny for my son. I turned to Ekaterina and Olga, and very soon we found our nanny, who still  works in our family. I want to thank Family Care for attentiveness, promptness and thoroughness in their work.

Most recently, I turned to Family Care again to search for a domestic assistant. Once again, Ekaterina and Olga,in few days, found an excellent lady, who is working now in my house.

Thank you!

Anna Papkova





I am happy to provide a reference for the agency « Family Care » that provided our family with a very good help in finding a wonderful housekeeper.

She now has been working for us for 2 years and we are very happy !

 Olga and Katia are very professionnal and open and never failed to answer any of my questions.

Really understand  what are the customers needs, is very important to them.

They can speak english.

I’m happy to recommend « Family Care » to anyone seeking household staff.


Catherine Boniteau                                    





I would like to express my gratitude for helping finding such an good and bilingual nanny. Anna Armyagova has been a very good person and dedicated to my two daughters and to help us to smooth the transition in Russia. She is very proactive and help my wife in many areas with daughters and at home. Family care works very well with us and the process of finding the nanny was very quick.

Daniel Fernandez ,

Director Business Development.  TNK-BP Management.




I highly recommend Family Care Agency to anyone wishing to find a reputable nanny. Katya and Olga were able to find the perfect nanny for our family.

They listened to all our needs and were extremely committed to finding us a nanny that would genuinely suit our family's requirements.

Our 3 children (aged 6, 10 and 12) all adore our Nanny, Lena. She is now part of the family and such an asset when it comes to making life in Moscow more manageable.

We are thrilled with the outcome!


All the best! 


Sara Silm 





I can recommend "Family Care" agency to anyone looking for an excellent nanny.  Unlike other agencies we have dealt with they sellected only four of the most compatible ladies to work for us .  Other agencies sent lady after lady and most were not what we had asked for at all.  Our nanny Tanya has worked for us for three years.  She is a fluent English and Russian speaker, kind, loving but firm when needed.  She has become a member of our family.    She has always done as asked, without problem, and has been a great help with homework.  Her duties change from day to day but she handles them all with skill. On any day I may require her to  do the laundry,  or dishes, cook or  clean, pick the children up from school and help when my children are sick.  However the things that make her special are not in the list of above chores, but in her relliability (never did she suddenly not show up or take extra sick days),honesty (telling us when she thought a child was acting up just to be naughty or simply tired), talking to a teacher to understand homework assignments or callendar changes, and the fact that she did all this in a manner that reflected well on her and our family. I think we were truly lucky to find Tanya and Family Care agency.


Holly Garrison-Mazzarelli



we strongly recommend Family care agency, Olga is a very good professional, she understood our needs and was able to quickly introduce 2 Russian nannies.. She checked references, and made sure after one moth that we were satisfied with the person we had chosen. And indeed we were!

Polina has been taking care of our 2 young children for the last year, and she is great! 

Stéphanie Vacheron













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